Staying Motivated When all you Want to do is Nap

Motivation can seem nearly impossible. Especially during these summer months when some of us feel that Summertime Sadness, spending every waking moment dreaming of crisp fall air. I just graduated college so this is very important for me since I am in the middle of the job search process. I spend most of my days alone, which at first scared me to death. Summer has never been my favorite season either. Hot, sweaty days filled with boredom and lack of money to go travel the world like Instagram models. Since I have been spending almost every day by myself I quickly switched to survival mode and forced my self motivation.

So first off, I want you to know that if you spend an unreasonable amount of time by yourself then you are not alone! There are times in life when we find that things have not quite fallen into place and routines are thrown off. It is now nearing the end of summer and I have an internship opportunity on the horizon (fingers crossed). Hopefully my list can help you out and get you through a tough time!

1. Check your health!


I cannot stress this enough. During my junior year of college I felt absolutely terrible. My anxiety was at an all time high, I was exhausted all the time, and I just did not feel like myself. I FINALLY took the steps and got tested for all sorts of stuff and what came back shocked me. I had an iron and vitamin D deficiency as well as signs for a thyroid disorder. Recently I was officially diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease so my thyroid is officially going downhill. As frustrating as these problems can be to deal with, I feel so much better. I was able to get the medication I needed and I am starting to feel like myself again. You never know what is going on inside your body so get tested and don’t accept feelings of exhaustion.

2. Pinterest your heart out


I find it incredibly motivating to go on Pinterest. If I am ever feeling down I just log on and figure out what my future house is going to look like and determine my dream wardrobe. Being able to visually see my goals makes me much more motivated to work hard and take care of myself. It is also common to lose yourself for an hour or so looking through pins, so if you need to kill some time it is perfect!

Check out my Pinterest page to get inspiration!

3. Blog


I actually just started this blog a few weeks ago and it has motivated me like crazy! Being able to reach a group of people who have similar interests as you is a wonderful feeling. I think with blogging, unlike many social media outlets, there is a community atmosphere. As much as I love Instagram, I always feel like it is a group of people hungry for followers. I love to post my photos on there and share my passion. However, when some random real estate account follows me just to unfollow me it makes me question the connection with my followers. Blogging has been completely different. I have met so many people already and connected with them over a variety of topics and they all keep me motivated.

4. Buy a planner


I have always been the type of person who loves planing. In college, I used the classic Lilly Pulitzer planners and wrote down EVERYTHING I needed to get done. Well now that I am on more of a tight budget a $30 planner was not an option. I just went to Marshall’s and found the cutest, pastel, watercolor planner that is comparable to my old Lilly ones for only $8! Just having one makes me want to organize my life and makes keeping track of my goals easier. The planner I picked actually has a section for weekly/monthly goals which is a great motivator!

5. Exercise


Okay, so I am still working on this one myself. It is incredibly difficult to even motivate yourself to exercise in the first place but it makes a huge difference. I always hated working out until I took a water aerobics class last year that changed everything. I started feeling amazing and I had so much fun. I noticed my anxiety got a lot better and at first I dreaded going to class but later in the semester I actually looked forward to it! It helped that the people in my class were amazing and so much fun but if anything I realized the real affects of exercise. So even if you just go on the elliptical for 20 min a few times a week it will help!

I really hope this list can help you out and keep you motivated for the rest of the Summer and into the Fall! Hopefully we can help each other and make sure we are sticking to this list and staying positive!




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