Should You Adopt a Cat While in College?


Should you adopt a cat while in college- (1)


Long story short, getting a cat my junior year of college was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I was a little girl, getting a pet was not an option for me since my father is allergic. However, that did not stop me from begging my parents relentlessly to adopt a furry little creature into our family. Eventually, they got tired of my valiant efforts and told me that when I have a place of my own, I can get a pet.

That is exactly what I did.

It was the summer before my Junior year of college and I had just moved into my first apartment ever! I was beyond nervous and excited for the new experience, but that thought was always in the back of my mind, should I get a cat? Is this really the right time? The responsibility frightened me since I had become incredibly independent in college. The thought that I would be completely responsible for a living creature that is not aquatic blew my mind. Months passed, and after weighing the pros and cons I went to my local cat shelter “just to look.” It was there when my whole life changed and I adopted the most beautiful and sweet cat in the entire world! There she was, huddled in a little white cat hut, afraid of the monstrous grumpy cat in the center of the room. I knew right away that she was meant to be mine and I could not believe it was finally happening. I did not prepare for this moment at all, so right when I brought her home I had my roommate watch her while I went to Walmart for an emergency cat shopping spree. Looking back, I do wish I had done more research on cat products since that would have made my stress levels much lower.

That is why I am writing this for you today! I hope if I can help you weigh the pros and cons and recommend the cat products I use, you will soon be adopting your own fur baby.


  1. You will always have a companion when you come home from class and you just want to take a nap.
  2. Cats are much more self sufficient than dogs since they don’t need to be walked and use a litter box on their own.
  3. Everyone will want to come to your apartment and play with your little cutie!
  4. Animals are a major stress reliever since all they know is how to love and play. They are great for helping you forget about stressful times in your life (I am someone who struggles with anxiety and she has helped me more than I could have imagined).


  1. There are some obvious costs to getting a cat, but with the proper budget it is completely plausible! (Adopting an older cat around 3 or 4 like I did will eliminate a lot of vet fees since kittens require many more shots)
  2. It is more difficult to go on long vacations since you need someone to watch your cat.
  3. They will shed so you may find yourself dusting/vacuuming more often.

So what should you do?

All in all, I have loved having a cat to come home to everyday, and she has truly become a part of my family. I adopted her when she was three years old and up to date on her shots, so vet bills have not been a problem thus far. Obviously something could happen where you need to take your animal in for something more serious, so before adopting make sure you are able to afford these rare circumstances.

Another thing I wish I had done was prepared more for the arrival of my kitty. I had not done any research regarding the best products so it took me a while to find litter that did not completely disintegrate when scooped. There was also quite a bit of trial and error when determining a proper feeding routine. Below I have some links to the products that I use which have made having a cat much easier! I may get compensation if you use my links but my reviews for these products are 100% my own. I use these products everyday and they have been a lifesaver!

1. Scoop Away Unscented Super Clump Litter

This is hands down the best litter I have used for my cat since it truly is super clumping. I have had many experiences where a product will say it clumps and it absolutely does not. This was causing her box to smell terrible, as I was never getting her waste out completely. I finally found this litter from Scoop Away and I cannot smell a thing (we keep the box in the kitchen of our one bedroom apartment). The second I scooped a pee clump and it stayed in tact, I knew it was going to make my life so much easier (cat mom problems).

Buy it Here


ย 2. Purina One Urinary Tract Health Formula Dry Cat Food

Another amazing choice I made was getting her food that supports urinary tract health. It is made with cranberries which leaves me with a peace of mind and her with a healthy body! This can help prevent them from getting an infection and having an accident which is not good for either of you. I am also a fan of using dry food (which was recommended by our vet) to prevent buildup on their teeth. Again, preventing vet visits!

Buy it Here


3. Automatic Feeder

This product is the holy grail! Our cat was always begging for food, and due to busy school/work schedules it became difficult to keep her on a feeding routine. I was always unsure if she was eating too much or too little, but once I bought this product it changed everything. We are now able to schedule out her meals so she knows when her food is coming (no more meowing at 6 AM acting like she is on her death bed). Having the feeder also gives us the freedom to go for a one night trip somewhere since we know her food will always come. It is a little pricey and they make some for less but I personally invested in this one to ensure that it will not break and it is cat-proof. If you have roommates or live with a significant other like I do, maybe this is something you pitch in to get all together if you share the responsibilities of the kitty.

Buy it Here


4. Temptations Cat Treats!

This one is non-negotiable for our cat. She is absolutely obsessed with treats and goes crazy whenever we offer them to her. When bringing a new cat home, it can be very helpful to have some treats for them already to help the adjustment process to the new environment. We also use them to entice her to get in her carrier or if she has been particularly good. I don’t know what it is about this brand, but she will sit by the cabinet where we store them and give us her most adorable, big, round eyes until we cave. You can see from the picture, she is at complete attention when treats are around!

Buy Them Here



Now you have everything you need to bring your new fur baby home! I hope reading this could give you some peace of mind and help make the decision to adopt a cat or not. I personally have pretty bad anxiety when it comes to making huge life decisions like this, but I have never regretted it once.

Good luck and remember to adopt not shop!



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