“It” Movie Review 2017

We have all seen the commercials for the new rendition of Stephen King’s horror story “It.” I am in love with scary movies and they are typically on my television for a  Friday night movie night. Because of this, I am slightly desensitized to most thrillers since I am able to rationalize what is realistic and what is not. The storylines that scare me the most have to be able to occur in the real world. For example, a home invasion movie will get me every. single. time. It is that fear and adrenaline of knowing it is possible that keeps me up at night checking that all the doors are locked, and double locked at that.

giphy (1)

So now let’s get to “It.” The makeup design for Pennywise was my main deterrent from seeing the film because he looked terrifying. His features were much more exaggerated than the original makeup from the 1990 film. The eyes got me the most because they were so bright and piercing you knew there was evil inside his soul. I thought that because he looked so realistic I was going to have a newfound fear of clowns, this was not the case. I will say that Pennywise was pretty scary for a younger audience. If I was back in my teen years I probably would have shed a tear or two of sheer fear of the clown. However, now that I am older I just cannot get scared from something that is easily seen as “movie magic.” I also watched a few interviews with the actor Bill Skarsgård which may have helped me feel more comfortable with the character. I was shaken by a few jump scares but overall he was more creepy than scary.

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What truly makes this movie worth watching were the child actors who played the “losers.” They are absolutely incredible characters and each one had a very distinctive backstory and I believe the audience can see themselves in at least one of the kids. they take you back to the days of childhood exploration and creativity. I used to pretend all the time that I was searching for make-believe creatures in the woods when I was very young and it looked quite similar to what was portrayed in the film. You get the mixture of children living their daily lives with family issues and developing friendships as well as dealing with a deranged demon clown.

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I made sure to watch the original movie before going to see the new one because I wanted to have an understanding of the classic, original story. The new one was definitely scarier due to pure technological advancements and the storyline was much more defined as well. The original switches back and forth between the kids and themselves as adults which was a bit overstimulating.  The 2017 version solely focuses on the children’s stories and how they dealt with this clown entering their lives. If you are looking to go see the scariest movie of all time, don’t go see “It.” However, if you want to see Stephen King’s very creative idea come to life in a new form with a lot of aesthetic value, go watch! I enjoyed the artistic twists that brought childhood fears and friendships to life and I think you will too.

Enjoy! If you go see it or have seen it already, please let me know what you thought in the comments!


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